Signature Cocktails for Your Special Day

A fun way to personalize your wedding reception is having signature cocktails!

Having the bride and groom pick their favorite drinks can be a special touch to their day and also very enjoyable for their guests.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for a cute sign.

*All signs shown were lettered by Madyson Bly Designs


At Brittany’s wedding, she chose a Lemon Drop and her husband chose Jack Daniels and Coke. I think I would probably choose a Jim Beam and Sprite.

Some drinks sound better in the Fall though…like Sangria, Apple Pie and Whiskey Slush (my favorite). Follow the recipe below for drink ideas for your upcoming wedding or just for fun!

IMG_6271 (2).JPG

Adding a signature drink is a a great way to keep cost down while adding another option or two without providing a full bar for your guests.

We hope you enjoy! -Daley