A Little Background of Best Bet Events


Each milestone in your life is an important one. Birthdays to weddings to baby showers and anything in between; we know that you do not throw a celebration for just any occasion!  That being said, we want you to understand where Best Bet Events came from and why you should trust us to help aid in creating the perfect atmosphere in your next big day.



First, I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Brittany; Owner and Lead Coordinator of Best Bet Events.  Growing up in Shelbyville, like any small town, you kind of become known for something—especially with your peers.  From the time I was in junior high, I was the organizer.  I can honestly remember being at a sleepover at a friend’s house, rearranging and reorganizing her bedroom at 2:00am.  It was almost a given that if there was something to be celebrated, I was hosting a party.  From themed birthday parties to surprise parties to football game after parties, I loved it all.  Junior year of high school when it came time to plan Prom, I couldn’t wait; that was my first real taste of a big organized event. 


Then I went away to college as a psychology major.  My plan was always to get a doctorate in clinical psychology but through the time of undergrad in dorms and sorority living, I noticed that my passion for curating events was growing.  It was always a joke amongst my friends and I that if psychology did not work out I could just be a professional organizer or event planner.  After moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma for graduate school, I saw so much opportunity living in a big city and long story short, I gave up my psychology graduate program to really try my hand at this hobby passion I had. 



In Tulsa, there are countless companies, venues, etc. that work in the wedding/event industry; so the emailing began.  After numerous emails, phone calls, and resumes sent, I got a job offer.  My amazing boss, Sharon Holm of Tulsa Weddings and Designs, a top wedding planner in Tulsa, took a chance and offered me a position as an event coordinating assistant.  With no formal training, I was extremely willing to listen, learn, and soak it all in.  I met with Sharon only a few times and a few weeks later she assigned me a wedding to coordinate solo.  The wedding was a whirlwind of problems and solutions, questions and answers, and at the end of the night—I was hooked.  Over the next year, I worked closely with Sharon; attended several Tulsa Wedding Society meetings, coordinated a few freelance events that I landed through my other job at a bridal store, and learned more than I could ever imagine.  At the same time, I was planning my own wedding as well as completing an Event and Wedding Planning Certification program through the US Career Institute. 

Fast forward to 2016, my husband, Chase, and I decided to come back to Illinois.  I was faced with what to do for my job situation, but I knew I wanted to continue on my event coordinating career path.  The thought that I would be able to help the community that I grew up in and work with the hard-working local companies was very appealing. That was the moment that the idea of Best Bet Events came to life. 



So here we are.  After following my gut, and my passion, Best Bet Events is alive and growing.  I never dreamt that I would start my own business before my 25th birthday, but I could not be happier in how the chips are falling or more thankful to my amazing parents, husband, friends and family for all of the unconditional love and support.  We have so many business ventures in the works for the coming year and cannot wait to help the community celebrate all of the special days to come!


If you have any questions—please feel free to contact me.  My heart and soul has been put into this business and that is why you can trust me.  Our goal is to make your special time as easy, stress free, and enjoyable as possible. So let us join in your celebration and be your “Best Bet” for a perfect fairy-tale day!