A Flashback to the First Event at The Shelbyville Event Center: June 10, 2017

Our first event was a very special situation. The mothers of the Bride & Groom had come to see our facility in Fall of 2016, when there was concrete floors poured, half walls, and the skeleton of the upper floors. They left with drywall mud on their shoes and the decision to book the wedding with us for June 2017. The race was absolutely on as we knew it was going to be a very large event and the first thing we would host other than sports practices. 

The venue was coming together, but the big details that we are now known for, were taking longer than expected. After several setbacks with our wall draping, we finally found a company to finish it just in time for the event. Drape and chandeliers were officially installed and ready on June 1, tables and chairs arrived and were set June 7, and our beautiful barn doors were hung and ready for grand reveals on June 9. Talk about a close call; but we knew we could do it.


That week, the family and friends of the couple came in to help set decor and be a part of the process. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with for our first event. 

On June 10, as we were setting up the finishing touches, I took a deep breath and couldn’t help but shed just a few tears. We pulled it off, at least as far as being ready to go for guests to arrive!

And they did—guests arrived in a higher capacity than we could have imagined to celebrate this amazing couple. It also happened to be the hottest day of the year thus far, topping out at almost 100 degrees outside. Regardless of the heat outside and inside, people were having a great time. Still today, it was the most people and tables that we have hosted in our facility to date. Definitely a go big or go home moment for us! 

The day was beautiful and fun and full of love and support for the couple, their families, and amazingly—to us; the brand new venue in town. 


We can’t thank Ashley (Tabb) and Neil Yockey and their families enough for all of their trust, understanding, and support as we worked through the trials and triumphs of the very first event. They must have enjoyed themselves though, because since June 10, 2017; we’ve hosted 4—going on 5—Yockey events, and another Tabb wedding! We are still wishing them the best in life and cannot wait to work with them all again!