Remembering Those Who Are Unable To Celebrate Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. For most couples though, someone special to them is missing; someone who would have definitely been there to celebrate and support the couple on their big day. Although the loss is apparent and the pain doesn’t go away, there are several ways to remember those who couldn’t be in attendance.

Today we take a look back at some of the ways our couples have chosen to honor lost loved ones. 

A sign, pictures, and sometimes a candle or lantern is a common and efficient way to remember lost loved ones.

Personalized floral arrangements that represent a special loved one is a unique touch. Adding a bouquet charm or an honorary corsage or boutonniere can keep those most missed, close on your day.

Floral in the photos by Late Bloomer on Main in Shelbyville, IL.

Art, trinkets, flags, clothing pieces, or items that were distinct to an individual are an extra memorable touch.

It’s important to appreciate, honor, and respect those taken too soon or left before they could celebrate the big occasion. We hope these ideas can help you share the love you have for those key people at your gathering.